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Providence Academy offers enriching and fun programs for students to be involved in beyond the class room.  The activities are open to students currently enrolled at PA. Students may participate in one activity or several that are appropriate for their respective grade level.  Click the links below for complete offerings.  
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Choir - Spring
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During this session, a possible collaboration musical field trip with the MS Jazz Band to Trillium Woods, during the school day. Date TBD.
*Wednesday, May 8th: Possible singing for Volunteer Breakfast during the school day.
*Monday, May 20th: During the 4th and 5th grade Sping Music Program, Cantate Choir members will sing solos and perform a choir only song!
*4th & 5th grade Cantate Choir will lead weekly Monday masses during the school day.

Age Req:
Students in Grades 4-5
Varied Schedule
7:45 AM
Registration Cutoff Date:
Dates & Times:
04/03/2019   7:45AM - 8:30AM PA - Woeltge (E301)
04/10/2019   7:45AM - 8:30AM PA - Woeltge (E301)
04/17/2019   7:45AM - 8:30AM PA - Woeltge (E301)
04/24/2019   7:45AM - 8:30AM PA - Woeltge (E301)
05/01/2019   7:45AM - 8:30AM PA - Woeltge (E301)
05/08/2019   7:45AM - 8:30AM PA - Woeltge (E301)
05/15/2019   7:45AM - 8:30AM PA - Woeltge (E301)
05/29/2019   7:45AM - 8:30AM PA - Woeltge (E301)